A digital agency with deep roots in the Italian communications sector.

The Woods is a digital agency that sprouted from the experience of Jinglebell Communication, one of Italy’s best known audio production houses for advertising, which was founded in 1981 and active since 1990 in what was then a fledgling multimedia technology industry.

Over the years the digital division expanded its expertise to become The Woods, an agency able to grow entire digital ecosystems by cultivating all the touchpoints needed to communicate effectively, including points of sale, social media, newsletters, websites, e-commerce and many more.


The Woods is a balanced ecosystem. It starts from the roots, our analysis phase. We climb up through the undergrowth and tree trunks with strategic thinking and creative production to reach the treetops, where we view and analyse the fruit of our work through accurate metrics.

Just as in natural ecosystems, the cycle is continuous: moisture evaporating from the leaves of the trees forms clouds and then returns to the earth as rain. Similarly, at the end of each campaign, we use the metrics and new information we have acquired to plan and manage our next actions so that they are seamless and consistent with past actions. And the cycle continues.

POWERED JINGLEBELL SRL, via Marco d'Oggiono 12, 20123 Milano - p.iva 11441110969


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